Vertica implements unique data storage model consist of ROS, WOS & Tuple Mover.

Vertica Storage Model

Vertica implements unique data storage model as shown in image below. It is supported by three components. This model will be same in each vertica node.

Vertica Data Storage Model

Lets discuss each component in detail

Write Optimized Store (WOS) Read Optimized Store (ROS) **Vertica is optimized for both writes and reads by having two different(WOS and ROS) data storage structures.

Tuple Mover How Data Movement Happens in Vertica: By default, data is loaded into WOS first when normal COPY, INSERT, or UPDATE statement are used. Tuple Mover performs a moveout operation and moves the data from WOS to ROS at a time interval that is specified in configuration. Later Tuple Mover merges ROS containers and purges data marked for deletion during a mergeout operation.
Data can also be loaded directly into ROS by using the COPY DIRECT, INSERT DIRECT or UPDATE DIRECT options.