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Teradata Basic Terminal Commands

Logon to Teradata database
.logon tdpid/username,password

Logging off from the current User without exiting from Bteq.

Logging off from the current User including exit from Bteq.
**One of the 2 commands can be used

Executing ddls/dmls/login/compiling macro from file.
.run file="[filename]"

Compiling procedures from file.
.compile file="[filename]"

Checking the last executed command.

Checking the login user
.show control

To view Unicode charactes in the resultset.

Executing last command 'n' times.

**This will execute last command 3 times

Operating System Commands from bteq.
.os [command]
Example 1: .os vi [filename]
Example 2: .os pwd