Teradata 16 New Features

Teradata 16 New Features

Brief overview of some of the new features added in Teradata 16 version.

Two new string functions were added   Visit PIVOT page and UNPIVOT page to check syntax and examples for above functions.

New DATASET datatype: DATASET datatype is a new Complex Datatype (CDT) representing self-describing files interpreted based on a schema.

COUNT DISTINCT Performance Improvement: Queries with COUNT DISTINCT are now processed more efficiently by Teradata.

Global Space Accounting: The space accounting in Teradata has been enhanced to manage space limits at a global level, rather than AMP-level limit. This enhancement is referred as global space accounting.

Unicode Pass Through: This is a Unicode error handling enhancement. The feature help users to allow Pass Through Characters (PTCs) to be imported into and exported from Teradata.

1 MB PERM and Response Rows: The maximum row size of permanent and response spool rows is increased to 1 MB on large-cylinder systems.

Compression Table-Level Option (Compression TLA): More choices has been added to define data block compression for tables, join indexes & hash indexes.

  New choice includes following

Source Teradata Site: Check Teradata 16 Release Summary for more detail.