Hive Data Load & Export

Hive Data Load & Export

This tutorials will explain the Data load commands for Hive and various method to load data. Sample data can be downloaded here.

Hive Load Command Attributes: Some of the attributes that can be used in load statement in Hive.




This is mandatory if data is being loaded into Hive table from local system and not from HDFS.


This attribute is used to specify the path of file to be loaded into Hive table.


This attribute is used to truncate the table before loading new file. If this attribute is not specified then load command will append new data to the existing data.


This attribute is used specify the table where LOAD command will load data.


This attribute is used to specify partition column during data load. User cannot load data into Partitioned table without specifying partition column/columns.

Hive Data Load
Loading Data Using Temp table

LOAD DATA local inpath '/Users/username/data_files/order.txt' OVERWRITE INTO TABLE hiveTempTable;

INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE hiveFirstTable SELECT order_id,order_data,cust_id,order_status FROM hiveTempTable;

Loading Data into Partitioned Table Using Temp table If the above command fail with below error then set dynamic partition mode to non-strict.

FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10096]: Dynamic partition strict mode requires at least one static partition column. To turn this off set hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode=nonstrict

Hive Data Export